Monday, 3 August 2015

Shoreland Drives Forward with Nissan Inspections

Shoreland Access has been contracted by Nissan to provide Non Destructive Testing on a number of drop lifters in their Washington based factory.

The works have taken place during a two week summer shut-down  at the famous South Tyneside factory.

Shoreland Director Jack Miles when discussing the project said "A lot of people when they think of NDT, think mainly of oil & gas. The Nissan project demonstrates the versatility and uses across many different industry sectors that NDT provides."

The factory is somewhat of a local landmark in the North East and has been a constant source of jobs since 1986, when the factory was opened by the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

The factory was supposed to herald a new dawn for the North East. After the region was severely hit with the closures of numerous coal mines, the opening of the Nissan Factory was meant to  mark the start of a new manufacturing powerhouse.

Whilst many companies have come and gone in this time, Nissan has remained a constant  and looks to go well into the future with new car lines announced at the site recently.

Shoreland has demonstrated that it has niche knowledge of inspections in not only Oil & Gas as may be expected, but also in Defence, Car Manufacturing and Chemical Plants.

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