Monday, 3 August 2015

Shoreland Drives Forward with Nissan Inspections

Shoreland Access has been contracted by Nissan to provide Non Destructive Testing on a number of drop lifters in their Washington based factory.

The works have taken place during a two week summer shut-down  at the famous South Tyneside factory.

Shoreland Director Jack Miles when discussing the project said "A lot of people when they think of NDT, think mainly of oil & gas. The Nissan project demonstrates the versatility and uses across many different industry sectors that NDT provides."

The factory is somewhat of a local landmark in the North East and has been a constant source of jobs since 1986, when the factory was opened by the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

The factory was supposed to herald a new dawn for the North East. After the region was severely hit with the closures of numerous coal mines, the opening of the Nissan Factory was meant to  mark the start of a new manufacturing powerhouse.

Whilst many companies have come and gone in this time, Nissan has remained a constant  and looks to go well into the future with new car lines announced at the site recently.

Shoreland has demonstrated that it has niche knowledge of inspections in not only Oil & Gas as may be expected, but also in Defence, Car Manufacturing and Chemical Plants.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

UK MOD Extends Challenger 2 Structural Assessment Contract

Challenger 2

UK MoD has exercised the option to extend Pearson Engineering’s structural assessment contract for further vehicles. The extension will see a further 60 Challenger 2 vehicles arrive at Armstrong Works in Newcastle upon Tyne for assessment following successful completion of verification trials on an initial 4 vehicles.

The project has involved close working relationships between Pearson Engineering, MoD DE&S and DSTL and has allowed the quick and efficient delivery of accurate results back to the customer.

Structural assessment of the vehicles is being carried out at the Armstrong Works facility in Newcastle upon Tyne which is set up and optimised for a range of Assured Manufacturing capabilities including; Armoured Structure Manufacture, Armour Systems and Special Metals Manufacture, Repair & Overhaul, Inspection Services and Assembly, Integration & Test.

Shoreland Access have developed a testing procedure with Pearson Engineering and will provide specialist Non-destructive testing capability to the company.

Director of Shoreland Access, Neil Cox said "We are delighted to be awarded a further 60 Challenger 2 vehicles to be tested to a procedure that we developed. It shows the pragmatism and technical expertise that Shoreland possesses"

Steve Fenton, Pearson Engineering Project Manager said “Pearson Engineering Ltd are very pleased to receive the award for all contract options for the Challenger 2 fleet assessment. Together with our partners and subcontractors, we have demonstrated to the MOD and to DSTL that we have the facilities, capability and know-how to be able to manage armoured vehicles and to develop procedures that provide the MOD with the data they need. It is also great to be working at Armstrong Works facility and to have Challenger 2 back here in Newcastle.”

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Shoreland To Become New Whitley Bay FC Shirt Sponsor

Shoreland Access is proud to announce it will be Whitley Bay FC’s new shirt sponsor for the coming 15/16 season.

‘The Bay’, who play their home games at Hillheads Park, has a proud footballing heritage. The club has an enviable honours history, winning the Northumberland Senior Cup on 12 occasions, the Northern League Title on 4 occasions and even securing a Northern Premier League Title in its long history. More famously, ‘The Bay’ were crowned FA Vase Cup Champions 4 times in 9 years, claiming victory in 2002, 2009, 2010 and 2011. They remain the only club in history to win the trophy 4 times.
Neil Cox, Director at Shoreland said 'For us it is not all about the marketing side of things, it is about supporting a football club within a community that myself and a lot of Shoreland staff are a part of'.
There will be further announcements and more details to be released in the coming weeks.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Shoreland Wins New SSI UK Contract on Teesside.

We brought you the news last September, that Shoreland had won a contract with the steel giant Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) to complete a complex maintenance project on the Redcar site’s four stoves and blast furnace.

It was a project that had followed a working relationship between Shoreland and the steel firm that had started back at the beginning of 2013.

Shoreland has further strengthened this relationship by winning an 18 month contract with SSI’s Redcar site for maintenance and non-destructive-testing works.
Shoreland Welder at SSI UK Redcar Site

Jack Miles, Shoreland’s Project Manager for SSI and a Company Director, stated ’Shoreland Access is thrilled to win this new contract that will see us working with SSI well into 2016’. He added ‘We have a great relationship with SSI and it works well for both parties concerned’.

Shoreland provides Welders as well as NDT, and Rope Access technicians to carry out maintenance or inspection works as needed by SSI. Shoreland has even provided a safety boat to SSI on occasions, from its fleet of four vessels.

The combination of NDT, Rope Access and Marine Services that Shoreland Access has in its portfolio, has proved to be extremely advantageous to SSI as they can use one company who they know and trust, to provide a large scope of their maintenance and inspection requirements.

After some positive news recently in the media regarding the state of SSI’s UK operation, it is a relationship that will hopefully strengthen further and last well beyond 2016.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shoreland Access Contracted by Pearson Engineering to Provide Ultrasonic Testing Capability

Challenger 2 Tank (Crown Copyright 2014)

Shoreland Access is pleased to announce it has been subcontracted to provide Non-destructive Testingcapability as part of thePearson Engineering  Challenger 2 Structural Assessment  Programme with UK MoD. Up to 60 Challenger 2 hulls will be involved.

The news follows successful completion of a similar sub-contract with UK MoD’s Defence Support Group (DSG) for Warrior Armoured Vehicle hulls.

Pearson Engineering has a global reputation for designing and delivering Counter-IED, Counter-Mine, Combat Earth Moving, Route Proving and Assault Bridging equipment for Armoured Fighting Vehicles. The company's many years of experience in successfully designing, developing and delivering defence products combined with the acquisition of the Armstrong Works by its parent company Reece Group, provided a unique opportunity to supply complex manufacturing, repair and support services for defence assets such as armoured hulls, turrets, armour packs and military bridges.

The company won this MoD Prime Contract shortly after announcement of its new Assured Manufacturing capability and is now responsible for providing Structural Assessment, Inspection and NDT services to the British Army.

Shoreland Access will develop a testing procedure with Pearson Engineering and will provide specialist Non-destructive testing capability to the company.

The Challenger 2 has been in service with the British Army since 1998 and is considered one of the best tanks in the world. The four-manned vehicle has a drive range of 550km and a top speed of 59km per hour. The vehicle has been a key part of operations in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq in recent times.

Neil Cox, Director of Shoreland Access, commented on Pearson Engineering’s decision to contract them, “This is a huge contract for Shoreland Access. It demonstrates that we are capable of providing key personnel with niche knowledge of the industry to support such an important project. It is a privilege to be one of a select few companies chosen by Pearson Engineering to provide support to their MoD programme. We work in many industry sectors but the defence industry has extra meaning as myself and others within the business served in the military.’

The project will start in January and will be on-going for much of 2015. Shoreland Access is looking forward to expanding further into the defence industry following recent successes.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Shoreland Preserving North East Heritage

Shoreland Rope Access Technicians on Alston Arches

Shoreland Access has begun a two part project on the North East historical landmarks of Alston Arches and Lambley Viaduct.

Working on behalf of Blackett-Ord Conservation Engineering, Shoreland won the contract to mobilise a four-man Rope Access team to carry out some essential maintenance and restoration work on both bridges.

Work got under way last week on the 19th Century viaduct in Alston. Built in 1851, the viaduct provided a vital artery for the transportation of lead, coal and other minerals that were mined in the area.

The railway line, which crosses the South of the Tyne, diminished in importance with the decline of first lead mining and then coal. In fact the last time the bridge saw a train pass over the famous arches was back in 1976.

Alston Arches, as it is commonly known, still remains an important landmark in the local community even without its use as a railway artery. The structure is a listed landmark and is now used for leisure purposes since a footpath was installed in 2006.

For this reason, Shoreland has been tasked with maintaining the structures aesthetic appeal. The Rope Access Technician’s main task will be to remove all vegetation from the stonework and to prevent future re-growth.  Painting of handrails and removal of trees will also be undertaken to ensure the breathtaking scenery and integrity of the structure remains intact.

Work on Alston’s sister bridge, Lambley Viaduct is due to commence shortly and we shall keep you updated on the progress of that project.

Shoreland  has worked on many different types of projects all over the country, but few offer more satisfaction then contributing to the preservation of North East heritage.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Shoreland Making Waves in Seaham

North Pier at Seaham Harbour

The North Pier at Seaham Harbour has been protecting the historic farming village for well over one hundred years.

It sits on a coastline that was designated a ‘heritage coast’ back in 2001 and is vital for the Town’s flood defences.

Concerns have been raised in recent years as the pier is known to have been breached at least three times.  With weather becoming more erratic and unpredictable due to climate change, there were even fears the pier could collapse completely if left untouched.

Those fears were put to rest earlier this year however, when Durham County Council announced it had secured funding for the restoration of the landmark. In a scheme that will cost well over £3m, around 100 homes and dozens of businesses will be safeguarded against the risk of flooding.

So what is Shoreland’s part in this project?

Well the company actually has two parts to play. Firstly, Carillion, who are the main contractors for the project, have enlisted two of Shoreland’s four vessels to work as safety boats while works are ongoing on the pier.

The safety boats will be required for the duration of the project which is due to finish in November 2015. Whilst there are workers on the pier, the boats must be present in order to retrieve any individual, who may for whatever reason, end up in the drink!

Shoreland is also playing a part in the reinforcement of the pier itself, by supplying rope access technicians to drill steel bars into the side of the structure which will later be filled with concrete.

Shoreland Access is delighted to be a part of a project that will help secure local people’s homes and livelihoods for years to come.

It is the first time Shoreland have partnered with Carillion to undertake a project but will hopefully not be the last. The construction industry has seen resurgence in recent years and I wouldn’t bet against Carillion enlisting Shoreland’s services again for future projects.